Past Investments

Affordable Homes Ltd.

Affordable Homes provided house, land and finance packages to first home buyers, the business was established in 1988 and grown to have 6 Branches in New Zealand building 250 homes per annum.

The business provided innovative finance packages to enable young couples to purchase their first home on low deposit.

This Company was progressively grown over a 14 year period and sold in 2002.

Thornton Estate Ltd

Established in 1990 Thornton Estates developed residential land subdivisions throughout New Zealand.

Having completed 30 subdivisions and produced over 2,500 sections over an 18 year period.

With limited opportunities in the residential section market this Company is selling all remaining sections.

Tasman Pacific Insurance Ltd

This Business was a New Zealand based Insurance Company providing loan repayment protection, breach of warranty insurance, redundancy insurance, motor vehicle, tourist third party insurance to New Zealand customers.

The Company experienced significant growth over a 5 year period of ownership and was exceptionally profitable.

This Company was sold in 2006.

Provincial Finance Ltd

Provincial Finance was a provider of consumer Finance for the secondhand motor vehicle market. The Company experienced significant growth with total assets of over $350 m.

The Company raised investor funds by way of a prospectus and was very successful for a long period. The business was the subject of fraudulent loan applications via a broker and some undisciplined lending and unfortunately was placed in receivership in May, 2006. Investors to date have been paid 92 cents in the dollar.

Cloverlea Foods Ltd

A producer, processor and wholesaler of chicken meat to the retail consumer.

Retail Reports Ltd

A technology Company that provided retailers with computer systems to improve the performance of their business. A Christchurch based Company whom we provided venture capital to.

This Company is continuing to grow its Buisiness.

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