Pre IPO Investments

Jack Speed Corporation Ltd -

Jack Speed is a manufacturer of leather seats/upholstery for motor vehicles with plants in Singapore/Thailand and Indonesia.

The Company listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange on 19th November, 2003.

We invested in pre IPO Equity and helped with the IPO process and then sold twelve months after listing.

Ausgroup Ltd �

Ausgroup is a Perth based integrated multi-disciplinary engineering services provider to the oil, gas and mining industries.

The Company was looking to expand operations into South East Asia and decided to list on the Singapore Stock Exchange.

We invested in pre IPO equity and helped with the listing of the Company in Singapore.

Jason Parque Ltd -

The Company is the largest installer of Parquet flooring in Singapore.

We invested in pre IPO equity, however the Company decided not to list in the current environment and our stock was purchased by the majority Shareholders.

Yaan Security Technology Limited �

The Company is a technology based Company principally engaged in the design, development and marketing of CCTV security and surveillance products and accessories.

We invested in the IPO equity approximately 12 months prior to listing and helped with the listing process.

The Company listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange in May, 2005.

We sold our Stock in 2008.

Ajisen (China) Holdings Limited �

The Company is one of the leading fast food casual restaurant chain operators selling Japanese ramen and Japanese style dishes in Hong Kong and the PRC.

The Company has manufacturing facilities and kitchens to support 280 restaurants.

We invested in Pre IPO equity and helped with the listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

The Company listed in March, 2007, we sold the majority of our positions in May, 2008 but still hold a significant number of shares.