David Lyall

I believe in investing in people as much as investing in companies. It�s about rolex replica ideas, people and capital to grow businesses, and have a solid track record in this field.

In 1988, I established a company that built houses for first home buyers. I grew that company to become the second largest homebuilder in New Zealand. At the time of its sale in 2002, Affordable Homes had eight rolex replica sale nationwide and was building 250 homes per annum.

Over my career, I�ve successfully teamed up with people and founded a number of companies in the finance, insurance, investment and property development.

A major undertaking was the 1988 rolex replica sale of Provincial Finance, a New Zealand consumer finance company. Over the last six years the company has grown and developed rapidly. In 2002 Provincial was the 5th fastest growing company in New Zealand, (Deloitte Fast 50). and 22nd fastest in 2003. Today the company has bout 25,000 clients and total assets now stand at $277 million (as at March 31, 2005), a significant increase on the 31 March 2004 year end�s $147 million. Provincial continued to grow with rolex replica assets of $350 million, however, due to Broker fraud and bad lending the company was placed in receivership in May, 2006. Investors have so far received 92.5 cents per dollar.

In 2005 I moved to Melbourne Australia, establishing a consumer Finance company.

But my business ventures haven�t all been smooth sailing, and you certainly learn and grow stronger through mistakes. I�ve been through the highs and lows of business and have rolex replica the challenges and issues entrepreneurs must face and overcome to be successful.

As a result I, and the David Lyall Holdings team, offer more than just money. We have a wealth of ideas and past experience, and a great team of business partners that can be called upon for expert opinion and advice.

My advice to budding entrepreneurs is:
Get a good team around you
Move on as you progress
Change your team of advisors as your business grows
Partners make it more fun
Share the benefits
Go for someone that is completely different than yourself but
someone you respect as a business partner
Always do what is in the best interest of the business when faced with difficult decisions

But most importantly, you must have passion and commitment. You have to love what you do � you can�t see it as work � and you must have the courage to back yourself even when others may doubt you and not understand your appetite for risk. Hard work is regularly rewarded and being successful gives you choices in life.

My contact details are on this site. I�m always interested to meet other entrepreneurs and hear about their business experiences, and I�m always looking for good people to start the next project with.

All the best

David Lyall
March 2009

Personal Details
David Robert Lyall
Date of Birth: 10 August 1964
Children: George and Genevieve Lyall.
Residence: Melbourne, Australia and Queenstown, New Zealand
Nationality: New Zealander
Interests: Tennis, Golf, Tramping, Running, Travel and Reading
Education: Bachelor of Law � Canterbury University 1987
Stanford University � Executive Programme for growing companies 2002